TLC-International Client Treatment Terms and Conditions:

These Client Treatment Terms and Conditions apply, without exception, to all TLC-International Products, Programs and Services including TLC-Websites such as and, TLC-Social Media Platforms such as “facebook” @ TLCforWeightLossSA, TLC-Programs, the TLC-healthyediet program, the PEP-Physical Exercise Plans, all TLC-Branded Supplements/Products such as TLC-Healthyediet Recipe Books, TLC-Turbo Boost and TLC-Smart IQ, and any verbal and/or written communications to Clients relating to TLC-Client care service and advice. Additional TLC-Terms and Conditions may, in support, be indicated in some instances on TLC-Online Shopping Sites involving internet electronic payment/transactions/communications.

In doing so, TLC-International, for its part, commits to absolute Client confidentiality of all personal Client information including service/care communications, biographical, biometric and diagnostic data, at-all-times and in all events and instances.

In addition, TLC-International is committed to reasonably assisting and facilitating, with due diligence, each Client’s optimum health and wellbeing.

At the same time, the Client, and in the instance of minors, the legal guardian/parent, agrees that, in terms of all applicable local Consumer Rights/Legislation Provisions, that he/she has been fully and diligently informed about, and fully understands all essential aspects relating to all applicable products/programs/services he/she has agreed to purchase and use. In such events, adult/parental guidance and supervision for the duration of and with the use of any TLC-Programs/Products/Services by such Clients, is strongly recommended at-all-times.

The Client also agrees and accepts that: TLC-International shall make all reasonable endeavours and actions to ensure full and excellent Client care, but to ensure TLC-Program/Product/Service efficacy and excellent service, TLC-International reasonably requires that each Client also fully understands that: By agreeing to commence/use his/her TLC-Program/Product/Services by having completed the required Treatment Application Form and Diagnostic Processes/Questionnaires, and by having made payment, he/she agrees to full compliance, without exception, deviation or, omission, to the following terms and conditions for the full duration and process of use, and beyond.

This in turn, requires that the Client understands and agrees that he/she:

1)  Is of legal age and if not, has the full legal consent and support of an applicable legal guardian.

2) Understands and agrees that all information contained in specified treatment application, administration and biometric/diagnostic forms and processes is assumed to have been completed by the Client with full disclosure and without any errors, inaccuracies, incomplete or, omitted information, and understands that the specific healthyediet is selected by the Client in terms of his/her actual biometrics indication and selection of his/her expressly declared age, sex, desired weight-loss and wellness goals.

3) Confirms that TLC-International views each Client’s Family Doctor or, GP as their primary health-care provider and that he/she is to be consulted by the Client in the event of any health/dietary/lifestyle regime changes.

4) Confirms, agrees and understand that the use of any TLC-Programs/Products/Services are fully at his/her own risk and that he/she shall diligently consult with his/her Family Doctor or, GP in the event of any adjustments to prescribed medications and all related regimes for the duration of his/her TLC-Program/Product/Service use, and thereafter.

5) Accepts that TLC-International may, in certain instances, at its own discretion and in the Client’s best interests, require that the Client obtains and submits, in writing to TLC-International, specified and written medical approval from their Family Doctor or, GP as an assurance and pre-condition to/before proceeding on/using a TLC-Program/Product/Service. The Client also accepts that TLC-Programs/Products/Services do have expressed treatment indications and contra-indications that are applied in all events and instances at the sole discretion of TLC-International.

6) Understands that all TLC-Programs/Products/Services including the healthy℮diet program is/are derived from leading nutritional and medical science which specifies a short-term of, depending on profile, no longer than 3-5 months, stricter and healthier eating regime. This regime consists of a balanced intake of natural foods in specific categories, combinations and quantities together with a balanced/holistic  lifestyle including moderate exercise and intake of appropriate quality food supplements. The objective is to address, resolve and normalise past imbalances in intake and lifestyle to maximise potential Health and Wellbeing. In understanding this, the Client commits to full complinace, without exception, deviation or omission to all the healthy℮diet program rules, guidelines, indications and specifications contained in all the materials (including these Terms and Conditions) to ensure optimum results, safety and efficacy. In doing so, the Client accepts that all TLC-Programs/Products/Service are not a “cure-all” for all ailments/conditions and that any specific medical/health profile issues must be addressed by his/her Family Doctor or, GP.

7) Consents, in such events of personally expressed requirements, to process all diagnostic tests specified by TLC-International, including any follow-up tests, and understands that specified diagnostic tests may be required to scientifically assess specific indicators and identify certain predispositions that are then used for the development and monitoring of required treatment regimes, protocols and resultant efficacy.

8) Accepts that all TLC-Programs/Products/Services require specified diagnostics which are indicated in each instance by TLC-International and may range from either: Basic biometric requirements/selection to extensive diagnostic questionnaires to blood and other pathology tests.

9) When/where applicable, agrees to pay the diagnostic service provider and/or, his/her applicable medical insurance any amounts due and, that any such claims are for his/her own responsibility/for their own account and not part of the TLC-Program/Product/Service Fee.

10) Grants permission and authorization to such designated diagnostic laboratory to supply the diagnostic test results directly to TLC-International.

11) Understands that as the Client, he/she will at-all-times retain ownership of all Personal and Medical Diagnostic Data and may at any time request details of such data and which, in such an event, a nominal administrative processing fee will be levied by TLC-International.

12) Acknowledges that although diagnostics at laboratories are conducted with the utmost care, there may be exceptional cases when results may be inconclusive and/or unsuccessful and that, in such events, re-sampling and/or, re-testing, at the Client’s own cost, will be required.

13) Understands that TLC-International commits to and fully complies with applicable legislative and professional medical and data protection requirements pertaining to the strictest confidentiality, management and use of personal data of its Clients including that all confidential medical data obtained from its Clients is utilized for medical diagnostic purposes and the development of medical and wellbeing treatments regimes only and, that this data is not, in any shape manner or form, shared or, transmitted to any 3rd parties not involved in TLC-Program/Product/Service development and/or, monitoring.

14) Accepts that diagnostic results are securely stored electronically and maintained for ongoing Client care, reference and research purposes but that, in all events, the Client retains his/her complete ownership of any relevant intellectual property rights relating to his/her actual diagnostic samples/materials.

15) Shall at-all-times comply with and not infringe upon any of TLC-International’s Intellectual Property Rights including all copyrights and as such shall not: Copy, share, transmit, misuse, in any shape, manner or form, any materials including TLC-Program Books/Materials, Website Contents and related Client-care Processes to/with any 3rd party, which, in such an event, shall result in civil/criminal legal prosecution.

16) Shall adhere to and fully comply with his/her specific TLC-Program/Product/Service including Program Rules, Eating Plan and Wellbeing Prescriptions without any deviation or, omission whatsoever. Given this, the Clients agrees that any instance of his/her failure, omission or deviation with/to comply, cannot be controlled or determined by TLC-International who then, ipso facto, cannot be held liable or responsible in any such event, in any shape, manner or form.

17) Fully understands that his/her TLC-Program/Product/Service has been specifically developed/tailored to his/her own Personal Profile based on Biometric/Diagnostic/Medical Data and as such, may not be shared, as it is not suitable or, safe or, precise for any other individuals and that, with such improper conduct, the risk of severe health consequences, civil/criminal legal prosecution and litigation is high.

18) Shall at-all-times retain the right to accept/deny TLC-International’s use of his/her profile and personal photographs for research, marketing and promotion events and that: TLC-International shall in all such events, request prior express written permission from the Client for any such use.

19) Accepts that while presentations of typical benefits including average weight-loss rates may be indicated as guidance, this does not constitute a guarantee in any shape, manner or form as all benefits, including weight-loss, are subject to numerous individual, scientific, profile and environmental variables, actual TLC Client Treatment Terms and Conditions compliance, and full adherence to their specific TLC-Program/Product/Service Treatment Regime without any exception or, omission. In addition, the Client accepts that these are the only applicable treatment terms and conditions and that TLC-International is not responsible or liable in any shape, manner or form, for any promises made by any 3rd party, for/of TLC-Program/Product/Service results or benefits, beyond these treatment terms and conditions.

20) Accepts that certain TLC-Programs/Products/Services have scientifically-calculated “Valid Periods” which indicates the time or, duration in which the TLC-Program/Product/Service must be completed to gain maximum benefit, results and efficacy, which, is always subject to all TLC-Program Terms and Conditions being met.

21) Accepts that any attempt to start/do/complete a TLC-Program/Product/Service outside this “Valid Period” is conducted by the Client at his/her own risk and ends any-and-all obligatory, further contractual, service and care requirements by TLC-International, to the Client.

22) Has, in certain instances, purchased his/her TLC-Program/Product/Service from a specific and authorised TLC-Retailer where all Client care is contracted to be provided and that, in the event, for whatever reason (of the Client going to an alternative TLC-Retailer for Client care) he/she shall levied an applicable fee for such services per visit, by the alternative TLC-Retailer and have no claim against the specific, original TLC-Retailer (for Client care services now not being used).

23) Accepts that the TLC-Program/Product/Service is developed in good faith and with all due diligence and that, once processed, no refunds of any amounts paid by the Client, shall be made under any circumstances.

24) Without exception or reservation, confirms that all TLC-International’s terms and conditions have and shall be met when he/she completes the application form and/or, payment is made and/or, the particular TLC-Program/Product/Service is received.

25) All TLC-Programs/Products/Service and all related purchases are non-refundable and shall only be delivered once the full payment due is made.

26) Confirms that, besides all information, materials and facilities presented, the Client shall consult TLC-International if in any aspect of these Terms and Conditions is unclear or, not fully understood, prior to commencing.

27) Fully agrees and accepts that TLC-International therefore cannot be held liable or responsible in any shape, manner or form should any of these terms and conditions not be met or, not occur.

28) Agrees that these TLC Client Treatment Terms and Conditions may be upgraded/amended from time to time and that those effective and applicable to all will always be available at the website: and/or,

29) The Client agrees that all processes, logos, brands, forms, images, contents and concepts of materials and related processes are the Intellectual Property of TLC-International and may not be used, copied or transmitted in any shape, manner or form by a Client or any other 3rd party. Any breach in this regard, shall result in civil/criminal legal prosecution.

30) The Client understands and agrees that in all events and instances, TLC-International, including its Suppliers, Representatives and TLC-Retailers, reserve all their rights.