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I do not want to lose any weight…is the healthyediet just a diet for weight-loss?

NO, the healthyediet is much more than a simple diet for weight-loss. It is a program focussing on “Smart Nutrition for a Smarter Life and Lifestyle!” It has over 350 recorded Health and Wellbeing Benefits including improved: Performance, mental functioning, sleep quality and stress-management (to name a few). Many Clients do not do a healthyediet for any weight-loss, they do it for the many, many other benefits. Simply-put, on this program, if you do not have any excess fat, you will not lose any! You will however gain all the many benefits of an optimum metabolism via more balanced intake and a “Smarter Food IQ!”

I have already/am already on a diet I like, why should I change?

Our professional ethics do not allow that we comment on any other diets/regimes. Instead we focus on what we do so well. Our healthyediet is based on science, proper process and over 30 years of success in over 100 countries. Our programs have the very highest efficacy with over 350 recorded benefits and have been called (by an international team of cardiologists and specialists): “The very best of the best available in the World today!” There are many “acceptable” dietary regimes plus (sadly) all too many “fad” diet, pills and potions available in the market today. We do know that our smart nutrition program…the healthyediet program (and our more advanced TLC-Programs) does/do offer early benefits in days and real results in weeks. We simply cannot comment any further. So, we would encourage you to strongly consider doing our regime, but ultimately, this remains a very personal choice for yourself.

Where can I find answers to my questions while I am on the HealthyEdiet?
  • Once again:  Here … the Q&A’s … where you are reading now!
  • Unlike many diets, this is actually a very simple diet to do and follow!
  • It has been designed to be simple and practical.
  • You will find all the answers and guidelines here (within these Q&A’s on the Website) together with your TLC-HealthyEdiet Eating Plan and related Wellbeing Guidelines.
  • The focus on you doing this with others in your team/group/community is an important support (and knowledge) factor here … as said:  We have seen the amazing effects that people experiencing the same change can have on each other (ideas/recipes/rules/advice/tips etc.).
  • A limited, additional (free) support service is also available for any questions you may have @
Does this diet actually work?
  • Specially developed by TLC-International and based on its World-leading TL©-Program which has successfully treated many thousands of people (for 30 years, since 1987, in over 100 countries)!
  • Backed by scientific research and recommended by leading Doctors and Specialists!
  • Personalised, precise, safe, natural, balanced, holistic and rapid results!
  • Food becomes your very best medicine!
  • Our applied research and past (actual) results of many 1000’s of Clients each year indicates (besides effective, rapid fat-loss)…over 350 other significant health and wellbeing benefits: Reduced disease risk, resolved IBS, improved energy, improved sleep quality, improved fertility/virility, reduced cholesterol, resolved diabetes (2)…to name a few. 
Why does this diet program encourage groups/communities to do it together?
  • The scientific evidence is overwhelming that successful lifestyle changes are significantly enhanced when done together with others, not only improving results but many other socio-psychological benefits (for all involved).
  • Over 30 years we have seen families, companies, social clubs, church groups and communities achieve amazing results and benefits.
  • Individuals can share recipes, help with information, motivate each other, discuss needs/ideas and celebrate success together!
  • It’s simply much smarter and more effective to do it together!
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet was specifically designed and developed for (group/team) application.
  • Our strong advice: If you do want to do the TLC-HealthyEdiet…find family/friends/co-workers (even at/from your: social club/work/church) to do it together with you!! Better results and benefits for all! Need some support with this? Contact us @
What everyone asks! Who are the Celebrities and Royalty you treat?
  • Unlike many “fad diets”….we never tell or need/use “Celebrity Endorsements!
  • Besides excellent Results, Client Confidentiality is what we are known for.
  • Over the past 30 years we have treated many…famous sportsmen, movie actors, models, business leaders, politicians and even royalty.
  • The reason so many of these Celebrities have (quietly) come to do a HealthyEdiet is because of our amazing results, promise of the strictest confidentiality and our professional ethics.
  • We simply do not divulge any details to anyone…not even yours!
  • Frankly, should you really trust/believe “paid for” celebrity adverts!?
  • We also actively seek simple one-one referrals by Clients and Specialists/Doctors.
  • This approach is the way-we-do business…and is vastly different to the media-hype surrounding so many “fly-by-night” “fad” diets that don’t work!
  • Today we even have special Ambassador Teams that travel all over the World to specially care for these VIP’s personally.
There are so many diets around, why should I do the TLC-HealthyEdiet?
  • Yes, there are 1000’s of diets and (sadly) very, very few that are even mildly effective and safe!
  • Simply: The TLC-HealthyEdiet is based on science and processes developed over 30 years ago, continues to use the most advanced medical and nutritional science and…has a proven track record of significant success in over 100 countries since the 1980’s.
  • It is a diet regime for people who are really SERIOUS about their results, safety, wellbeing and efficacy.
  • If you are serious and want real results, this is the best diet you could possibly do!

Our results speak for themselves!

Is the TLC-HealthyEdiet a high protein diet?
  • Your TLC-HealthyEdiet is: Safe, balanced, precise and healthy!
  • It is low-carbohydrate, medium-protein and reduced-fat 
More about the TLC-HealthyEdiet: The steps involved in the E-Diet?

YouYour HealthyEdiet journey consists of 4 Simple & Basic Phases:

  1. PREPARATIONDetoxing & introducing the body to a reduced and a more balanced, healthy intake.
  2. TRAVELLINGYour “SHRINKING” begins! Your Meal Plan for safe, rapid & healthy weight-loss.
  3. ARRIVAL…Nearing your Goals…Stabilizing & Introducing more foods gradually (avoiding weight-gain) and…

4.  DESTINATION…After-Diet…Simple Guidelines to keep Your new Wellness!

How much weight can I lose in a month?
  • You can safely lose up to 15kg per 4 weeks (the average is between 5-10kg, depending on, amongst other factors: Your present profile including: Your existing obesity/overweight-level, sex, age, medication and general health profile).
  • You and your body is unique…so your specific weight-loss “journey” will be unique!
  • But, as with any human/medical treatment…there are variations: We have many Clients on record that have lost amazing amounts of fat in just a few months (the record remains over 120kg lost in less than 9 months!)…many males (due to hormonal aspects) often lose weight far more rapidly than women…age is also a variable (younger = more rapid fat-loss)…as is the essential aspect of “not cheating and sticking to the rules!”
How much weight can I lose in total?
  • This depends on both your body/profile and your personal goals!
  • Total weight-loss can be anything from 2-30kg (our average total weight-loss Client) right-up-to: 120kg (our record total weight-loss Client)! Over the years we have 1000’s of example of Clients losing 30-40-50-60-70+…all changing their lives dramatically (and safely) for the better! So can you! 
Can I drink alcohol?
  • No, alcohol is not permitted during the first weeks (on Phase 1 and 2) of the diet.
  • Alcohol is (amongst other contents) high in sugar and “triggers” high insulin surges (negatively effecting your metabolism).
  • So, this is essential to help stabilise your Metabolism/Endocrine System.
Will “cheating” or going off the diet affect my weight-loss/diet?
  • Yes, slow or no weight-loss will be the result.
  • This is a very short-term, high-impact dietary regime for people who are serious about their weight-loss and health.
  • We simply say: Just Do It & Get Done…AND with a better-balanced body, you can again live a “normal” Lifestyle within a few weeks/months!
Can I mix proteins on my diet?
  • Yes, you can, ensure you follow the instructions (and Eating Plans) provided with your unique HealthyEdiet.
  • The Eating Plans together with the Recipe Books will guide and help you with every meal
Will I be hungry?
  • If you follow your diet 100% you will not be hungry (as the production/levels of key hormones such a Ghrelin, often called the “hunger hormone” are stabilised).
  • Typically, you can expect “hunger pangs” to decrease in a day or so (simply follow the diet instructions 100%)!
Do I have to exercise?
  • Exercise (even regular walking) is recommended as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle but, is not essential (for the diet) at all.
  • The benefits of just 20min of “brisk” walking twice per week are well known (for general cardiac and other health aspects). 
  • Daily Exercise: Also see “E-xercise Plan” @!
Can I eat “treats” such as sweets and chocolates?
  • Only treats specifically mentioned on your HealthyEdiet may be used.
  • Once again, the “sacrifice” is well worth it…if you are serious, just do it and get done!
I am a vegan, can I do the TLC-HealthyEdiet?
  • Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a HealthyEdiet for strict vegans but, do have limited (additional) vegetarian options.
I am a vegetarian, can I do the TLC-HealthyEdiet?

Yes, you can as there are (additional) vegetarian options.

How much water will I have to drink?
  • You will have to increase your intake to a minimum of 2 litres (6-8 glasses) per day.
  • Water is essential for your metabolism and for ridding the body of toxins and all excess (waste) materials.
Why and how does the TLC-HealthyEdiet work?
  • The full scientific explanation is complex but, the simplest description is: The TLC-HealthyEdiet rapidly targets the Endocrine system, improves your Metabolism and normalises hormone activity within the body (that then allows optimum rejuvenation, effective fat/sugar/carb and energy conversion in the body).
  • Explained even more simply: Skin & Muscles are toned…cells are rejuvenated…fat is burned…body “fat-factory” is “streamlined!”
  • Medical research has proven the scientific efficacy of this diet regime beyond any doubt!
  • 30 years of results shows it…Simply Works (more effective, better and safer than any other approach to dieting)!
How long can I stay on the TLC-HealthyEDiet?
  • You will remain on the TLC-HealthyEdiet until you reach your weight-loss goal (average duration is only 2-3 months).
Progressing on the diet: How do I know when to move from one phase to the next on the TLC-HealthyEdiet?
  • You will do Phase 1 for 3 days and then go to Phase 2 till you are within 2kg of your weight-loss goal and then you will do Phase 3.
Body-building-weight-gain: I do not want to lose but, rather to gain weight can I do the TLC-HealthyEdiet?

No, the TLC-HealthyEdiet is a fat/weight-loss program that will cause improved muscle-tone and firmness but, we are not able to assist with body-building (bulking-up) and weight-gain.

Eating-out/Travelling: What options do you have while on the TLC-HealthyEdiet for travel and eating in restaurants?
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet is best followed properly.
  • Tips and guidelines are available for the special occasions when you have no choice but, to deviate from the diet.
  • We most often advise Clients to say to guests/hosts/chefs that: “I am on a medical diet regime that requires specific foods” (and it is amazing how often people will then accommodate and will gladly assist you)!
The Science: Tell me more on how was the TLC-HealthyEdiet developed?
  • As said before: TLC-HealthyEdiet specially developed by TLC-International and based on its World-leading TL©-Program which has successfully treated many thousands of people (for 30 years, since 1987, in over 100 countries)!
  • The processes and techniques are is based on over 30 years of international medical and scientific research in the USA and Europe…and which is ongoing.
  • Key aspects and research into areas such as: Nutritional Science, Applied Bio-genetics, Biometrics, Diagnostics, Histopathology, Endocrinology and Phyto-nutrition are all important elements in the development of all TL©-Programs and TLC-HealthyEdiets
What is the difference between this TLC-HealthyEdiet and TL©-Programs?
  • As indicated: The TLC-HealthyEdiet has been specifically developed and introduced for application for individuals in teams/groups/communities (above 10+)…and, most importantly, as a simple, practical regime that does not require intensive coaching/guidance!
  • TL©-Programs (ranging from the standard to the most advanced TLC-DNA-Program) are designed to address more complex health/wellbeing requirements that also (often) require more specific diagnostics and care/service/coaching.
  • While almost every health condition/profile is eligible for any of these programs: Each program does have has clear treatment indications/ contra-indications and general T’s & C’s (see on Website) for each Client.
  • Best advice: If your health profile is of concern and you do require more care…an even more precise regime…even more rapid results…then consult with us at:
  • Proven success over 30 years, scientific, medical, safe, holistic…food becomes your best medicine…no pills or potions…like so many “fad” diets!
Other diets and regimes available on the market: What is the difference between the TLC-HealthyEdiet/TL©-Programs and these other diets?
  • Firstly: The TLC-HealthyEdiet/TL©-Programs all WORK safely and rapidly with: Early Benefits in Days…amazing Results in Weeks!
  • Secondly: Unlike most diet regimes, our programs are supported by Scientific Research and Processes.
  • Thirdly: We have proven results/success over 30 years. They are scientific, medical, safe, natural, balanced, holistic…food becomes your best medicine…no pills or potions…unlike so many “fad” diets (that have no real scientific basis, make “questionable” claims and often require gimmicks, potions, injections and/or, pills)!
Carbohydrates and Sugars: It seems that the carb and sugar is absolutely minimal: Don’t we need a certain amount of carb/sugar for our bodies to be healthy?
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet is in fact NOT a NO-carbohydrate diet.
  • In fact, it contains more than sufficient carbohydrate, but just “good” carbohydrates!
  • That is: Only “neocarbs” (such as grains) are eliminated while sufficient “paleocarbs” (e.g. fruit and vegetable sources of carbohydrate) are included!
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet allows for the ample consumption of vegetables and the modest consumption of low glycemic fruit, (the best sources of nutrients and phytonutrients available).
  • Yes, the body does need carbohydrate and sugar but, over consumption of carbohydrate and sugar is detrimental to the human body! This has been scientifically-proven beyond any doubt! 
  • In fact, some leading scientific research even indicates an “extreme” position that: “Carbohydrates are not necessary for health at all!” 
  • Going on to say that: “Of the three macronutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrate, it is only carbohydrate that is nonessential to the human diet!”
  • Some experts now argue that: “Humans can exist for extraordinarily long periods of time without carbohydrate consumption as long as essential protein and fat needs are met.
  • So if followed correctly, the TLC-HealthyEdiet Eating Plans of protein and low “good” carbohydrate (from the fruit, vegetable and biscuit allowance) are sufficient to create the correct balance in the body.
Diagnostics such as blood tests: Why are these not required (as with some TL©-Programs/other diets) and how can the TLC-HealthyEdiet be personalised without them?
  • Firstly: If there are any serious concerns about your health/wellbeing profile/medical history, it is always prudent to do further diagnostic processes. However, the TLC-HealthyEdiet is most suitable/effective in almost all situations (see the “contra-indications” or, send an e-mail enquiry). Rest-assured: Client safety and real results are always our priority.
  • Secondly: After over 30 years and successfully treating many, many thousands of Clients each year, our scientific processes have allowed for the development of a series of unique and advanced scientific algorithms based on: Age, sex, biometrics, pathology, general health profiles, specific conditions and ailments. As a result, we can now (as a World-leader in the field)…scientifically predict and set the correct measures for achieving rapid results (for significantly improved wellbeing and health, including an optimum weight outcome).
  • Lastly: While many diet regimes available are based on “best-selling” books that (often irresponsibly) give the same diet for all…the TLC-HealthyEdiet simply is: More scientific, personalised, precise, safe, effective and careful!
Anti-Depressants: I am on anti-depressants and have picked up weight: Will the TLC-HealthyEdiet help me?
  • To manage this impact, a low-carbohydrate controlled diet such as the HealthyEdiet is effective.
  • Weight-loss may however not be as rapid while on this medication (as it does effect the endocrine system and metabolism).
High Blood Pressure: How will the TLC-HealthyEdiet affect my High Blood Pressure?
  • There will be some improvement experienced in blood pressure and in general wellbeing.
  • The causes of elevated blood pressure are often complex and multiple.
  • In most cases, correcting dietary intake and reducing body mass index will improve blood pressure significantly.
  • Medication may however be necessary to control blood pressure adequately (where diet and weight-loss did not have sufficient impact).
  • As with any dietary regime, your Family Doctor must always be consulted (especially as regards medication intake).
Blood Sugar: How will this TLC-HealthyEdiet help my elevated blood sugar: I am on oral medication?
  • On the TLC-HealthyEdiet blood sugar can improve and stabilise rapidly!
  • Monitoring is very important:  You will still be on the same dosage of blood sugar medication, which can then lower blood sugar levels even more, sometimes too low!
  • That is why it is essential that (if you are on blood sugar medication) that you closely monitor your blood sugar levels (and medication) with the treating doctor while on the TLC-HealthyEdiet.
  • Medication should be assessed/reduced by the doctor (Note:  Never stop or reduce medication without the doctor’s approval).
  • It is important that you continue to monitor blood sugar to ensure that it is fully stabilised.
Pregnancy: Can I use my TLC-HealthyEdiet again during and after pregnancy?
  • Not during pregnancy but, a ‘qualified yes’ for after pregnancy!
  • It is very difficult to assess if the same TLC-HealthyEdiet will be effective after a significant impact on the body such as pregnancy.
  • The impact on the body and the endocrine system can be significant.
  • In these cases we advise Clients to try the TLC-HealthyEdiet for a period of 10 days.
  • This should be sufficient time to assess if the TLC-HealthyEdiet is working for your “new” profile.
  • Should the TLC-HealthyEdiet not work, a new TLC-HealthyEdiet will be required.
Menstrual cycle: There has been a change in my menstrual cycle since starting/doing my TLC-HealthyEdiet!?
  • Rapid fat-loss results in rapid breakdown of fat in the body.
  • any dramatic change in the body, including fat-loss, can change or affect the menstrual cycle temporarily, especially if the impact on the body is dramatic!
  • Fat acts as a sponge and it stores excess hormones.
  • With rapid fat breakdown, these hormones that were stored in the fat cells are released into the body, flooding the body with excess hormones!
  • This can result in temporary irregular cycle, or a menstrual cycle for those recently in menopause (the hormones are in the bloodstream again)!
  • This should resolve itself while on the TLC-HealthyEdiet but, the time-frame would depend on the extent of the fat breakdown and how quickly toxins are being flushed out.
  • Key:  Don’t panic, monitor, be patient and if in doubt, speak to your Family Doctor.
Cortisone: I am taking cortisone: Will this affect my weight-loss?
  • Cortisone can impact on results as it does cause water retention and weight gain (also effecting/causing insulin sensitivity).
  • In most instances, the TLC-HealthyEdiet should however still have a very positive impact/results.
IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrome: I suffer from IBS and it is aggravated on the TLC-HealthyEdiet?
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet and advice provided does assist with IBS in most cases, but does not claim to be a 100% cure for any such condition.
  • Often there are many complex factors contributing to IBS (including stress) and food is one (but significant) aspect of it.
Water Retention: I suffer from water retention/oedema: How will the TLC-HealthyEdiet effect this?
  • Water retention or Oedema (or Edema) is an accumulation of fluids between cells in the soft tissue of the body (any part of the body can develop oedema).
  • In most instances, the TLC-HealthyEdiet will reduce and resolve this condition. 
  • The TLC-HealthyEdiet will eliminate and correct some of these causes (salt, processed foods, dehydration).
  • In some instances, if water retention persists, further investigation with your Family Doctor may be required as the underlying cause may be more serious than the simple accumulation of fluids.
  • In these instances it can be an early warning sign for a much more profound condition/illness.
I have gained weight on the TLC-HealthyEdiet: How is this possible?
  • Logically and scientifically this impossible and can only occur due to serious, serial deviation (not doing the diet correctly … 100%)
  • In rare instances, small weight gain in the first few days may be caused by water retention or a reaction to medication/reduced intake?


  • Check your food diary and discover exactly what you have done/eaten (and any medication taken).
  • Also be aware:  Overall weight and weight-loss rates are always subject to fluctuations due to a whole number of factores (such as age, initial health/weight-profile, sex, climate, weather, food content, physical activity, closeness to ideal/goal weight, medication, injury/trauma/stress … to name a few)!
Balanced Intake: How can clients ensure they are having well balanced meals with this diet?
  • Your HealthyEdiet is a balanced, healthy Low Carbohydrate, Medium Protein & Reduced Fat Program that will achieve many results includingRapid, safe weight-loss (up to 15kg per 4 weeks) and dramatic size-loss (cm/inch) by targeting Your Metabolism & “balancing” various Hormones (Insulin, Serotonin, Ghrelin & hGH-human Growth Hormone etc.) involved in Your weight-gain/wellness.
  • The Meal Plans and Recipes are designed to ensure this!
How long will it take: How long will I have to stay on the diet before I reach my goal weight?
  • Your goal weight will be achieved depending on the amoutn of weight you have to lose, how well you stick to your diet and how much exercise and effort you put into it.
  • As said:  Everyone is different in their weight-loss process.
After the Diet: Once I’ve reached my goal weight what foods can I eat?
  • Once you have reached your goal weight, we suggest you try to maintain healthy eating habits and always keep your carbohydrates to a minimum.
  • In any events of excess intake and weight-gain, go back onto your HealthyEdiet for 3-14 days (depending on severity/your requirements).
Recipes: What type of recipes does the TLC-HealthyEdiet offer?

You can find a variety of delicious recipes on … remember food becomes fun …delicious … your best medicine.

Costs of food: Is it an expensive diet to follow?
  • No, it is NOT!  
  • You are not going to be eating foods that are difficult to come by (exotic), most of the foods you should have readily available in your cupboards and fridge (and at your local super markets)!


  • Compared to most other regimes, besides being most effective the TLC-HealthyEdiet, is an initial, once-off payment (no extra monthly charges) only and does not require the many “gimmicks, pills and potions”  (that others do) ...savings with results!
Easy or difficult: How difficult is this diet to stick to?
  • This diet is NOT difficult for individuals to stick to as you are having well balanced meals, suited to your profile specifically and you are allowed your little “cheat foods” such as the “Canderal” chocolates and “Shiritake” Noodles. You won’t be missing out on much!
  • Remember, food becomes your best medicine for a few weeks/months!
What about fats?

Fat is not the enemy, but not all fats are equal. Select low fat products where possible  (important to check for low sugar/carbohydrate content as low fat products often has added sugars) . Avoid excessive saturated fats including animal fats. Eliminate transfats totally.