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About healthyEdiets

Discover & Share the Smart Secrets of Celebrities and Stars!

Want rapid & safe results?
Want a simple, healthy Eating Plan?
Tired of all the diet books...but no practical & easy diet to follow?
Tired of all the diet Websites that don’t make any sense?
Want a diet designed for your profile and biometrics?
Want a diet with no hidden costs and “Pills & Potions” to buy?
Want a real diet with real food...not a “fad diet?”
Want to start now...a diet delivered instantly?
Want a diet that allows you to eat healthy foods and that really works? 


At healthy℮ we will provide you with:

A structured but, simple, personalized Smart Eating Plan that is  
balanced & healthy with many smart foods & tasty recipes
A low-carbohydrate - healthy protein - healthy fat - eating plan that results in rapid, healthy weight-loss and improved wellbeing.
First Benefits in Days...Amazing Results in Weeks! 

Improved blood sugar levels, starting from the first meal!
Improving body measurement/shape/skin-tone in days!
Early, noticeable weight-loss within a week!
Reduced sugar cravings & hunger (pangs) in 1-2 days!
Improved sleep quality in days!
Decreased blood pressure in days!
Reduced irritable bowel in days!
Increased energy and mental alertness in days! 
Improved moods and emotions in days! 
Mind says: “Food has become my Best Medicine!”
And...achieving rapid & safe weight-loss and/or improved wellbeing goals in Weeks!